A web domain name is just a way to remember an IP address. An IP address is the internet destination of any web resources like Website, E-commerce portal, Information Website, personal web page, landing page, campaign page etc.

Very often we as layman think what is a domain anyway? How can I get it? And more importantly why should I get it? Who owns it, who registers it? And above all, how does it work?

Well to put it in a simple way, it’s an easiest way to remember what technically is called as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. Lets run through some extremely important characteristics of a domain name…

  • They are abbreviations, names, and they are short. 
  • Easy to remember names than a boring IIP address which is in numbers, e.g. 
  • Easy to communicate with others 
  • They are named with your brand
  • We cannot use hyphens or numbers in a domain name

In all true senses, for ANY website to go on the Internet and to be seen to the rest of the world, we must register a domain name first. Thanks for your time. Stay connected!

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